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June 03, 2021 2 min read

Understanding the processes that take place following an injury can give you more control over your healing progress, which may sometimes seem slow. Identifying your stage of healing can help you in planning the right treatment strategy to help you recover faster.

Acute Inflammation Phase: Hemostasis

  • Immediately following the injury, a blood clot is formed in the injured area. White blood cells start to rush in to prevent infection and oversees the repair process. Fluids from blood vessels leak into the area to provide oxygen and nutrients, and the acute inflammatory phase begins.

Reparative Phase: Rebuild and Repair

  • Damaged tissues begin to rebuild themselves. Oxygen-rich blood cells help to create new tissues to replace the damaged ones by producing large amounts of collagen for scar formation.

Maturation Phase: Remodeling and Strengthening

  • Collagen fibers begin to realign and gain strength. During this time, the muscles and connective tissues around the area should be stressed to stimulate further growth and achieve a better reorganization.

On Interrupted or Delayed Healing…

The healing process can be really quite complicated, slow, or unable to progress entirely. One of the reasons is due to the insufficient blood supply. The oxygen and nutrients brought in by new blood are essential to successful healing. An injury that is not getting enough blood could take a long time to heal and may develop into a chronic type. This is more common in the elderly, people who are obese/overweight, with diabetes, high blood pressure, or other vascular diseases. Also, people who smoke are at high risk of delayed healing.

Heal Faster With  Recovapro!

Given that the key to successful healing is increasing the amount of oxygen and nutrients that are delivered to the injury site, Recovapro can provide the necessary trigger to stimulate enhanced circulation through mechanical vibration so you can recover faster. In cases where the acute injury develops into a chronic inflammation causing unresolved pain in the area, Recovapro vibration technology can be applied to help re-stimulate the area and restore the stages of healing. The deep tissue percussive massage can enhance circulation and lymphatic flow. 

Knowing what’s happening on the cellular level should give you  an insight into your healing process to prepare you for a faster, safer, and more effective recovery from injury.