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June 03, 2021 2 min read

Whether you’re nursing an injury or recovering from an intense workout, you need blood to get into those torn muscles to help heal them faster. Blood supplies the body with oxygen and nutrients for repair, and one way to stimulate increased blood is through vibration therapy delivered by mechanical vibration tools such as Recovapro massage guns.

What Happens During Injury?

Traumatic injuries disrupt normal cellular function and trigger a series of physiological processes. At the injury site, the protective membrane around the injured cells breaks open, leading to their death. Injury interrupts blood supply by causing tightening of the blood vessels and producing blood clot formation. This can cause depletion of oxygen supply to the area, leaving the affected cells unable to produce enough energy the injury needs to recover. Once the microtear is closed with a clot, damaged blood vessels may open a bit to allow fluid to leak into the surrounding tissue and triggers an acute inflammatory response, resulting in the associated redness, heat, swelling, and pain. (See Pain and Inflammation)

For complete information on the stages of healing, click here.

How Increasing Blood Flow To The Injured Area Helps in Healing?

Blood supply is one of the most important factors in injury repair and recovery. Blood carries oxygen, nutrients, and everything else your body needs to heal. An injury can take too long to heal or not heal at all if it doesn’t get enough blood. Also, increased local circulation can wash away pain substances in the blood, as well as the lactic acid that accumulated following intense training.

HowRecovapro Helps?

Vibration increases blood circulation, reduces pain, and helps loosen up muscles and joints.Recovaprovibration therapy GETS THE BLOOD PUMPING! It delivers mechanical stimulation at a rate that induces physiologic adaptations by our bodies, and we see improvements in healing, accelerated injury recovery, and even enhanced sports performance. So, if you’re suffering from a muscle injury or got yourself a DOMS, there’s always a Recovapro to help you recover faster!

A Friendly Reminder fromRecovapro!

When you are recovering from an injury, exercise is probably the last thing you want to think of. However, keeping yourself active can improve circulation and, therefore, help you heal quicker. There are ways to stay active while recovering from injury. You could try swimming, which is less stressful on the body and also ideal if you’re recovering from an injury. This can also be an active recovery technique after an intense workout when you simply want to tone down the load to your body and don’t want to be totally skipping training. Taking these simple steps will help with the healing process. So, keep moving!!!