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June 15, 2021 3 min read

Father’s Day is all about showing your father exactly what he means to you, and thanking him for raising you and being your father.

Recovapro not only gave Will Murphy his life back, it brought him closer than ever to his son.

Will was a man that had always been physically active and involved in sport. Sadly, when he was 20, he sustained a running injury known as ‘Compartment Syndrome’ that virtually ended his career in the fitness industry. Will’s condition results in pressure within the joints and tissues, restricting circulation, and causing pain, discomfort and reducing mobility.

Despite his condition, Will was determined to get physically active once more, so he decided to take up cycling, which would be kinder to his joints.

However, every time Will experienced even a slight pain while on his bike, he began to worry that his injury was worsening, or he had picked up another one, so he decided he needed to help himself. He purchased the Recovapro massage gun to help warm up his muscles and prepare them for his workouts, as well as to cool down after a tough training session.

The Recovapro helped him to enjoy his sport without having it become an obsession. More than that, however, it allowed him to connect and spend time with his son.

“Sport for me now is more about fun and less about the stats.  More importantly, it’s about family.  My ability to go for a ride with my son is worth more than any stat.  Being able to play football with my son, without the concern of ‘will this lead to an injury?’ - it’s just invaluable.  We are looking for a solution to keep us going - for me, that’s what the  Recovapro is going to allow me to do.  It will allow me to sustain my activity levels and ultimately, it will help me keep up with my son.” – Will Murphy

Celebrate the bond on Father’s Day With Recovapro!

As you know, Father’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’ve still not got your dad a meaningful gift that you just know he’s absolutely going to love, it’s not too late to do so.

For Father’s Day this year, rather than buying your dad another pair of socks, an uncomfortable tie, or a 4-pack of beers, how about doing something a little different and treating him to a gift that he will not only love, but will also improve his quality of life in the process?

A Recovapro massage gun isn’t just yet another gadget that will sit in the corner gathering dust, it is a gift that will make your father’s life easier.

What is the Recovapro Massage Gun?

The Recovapro massage gun is a handheld, innovative, state-of-the-art, rechargeable device which is designed to mimic the actions and effects of a deep-tissue sports massage.

Designed to assist with muscle recovery, improve mobility, break up scar tissue, ease aches and pains, assist with athletic performance, prevent injury, and much more besides, it’s easy to see why Recovapro massage gun sales have sky-rocketed.

Complete with multiple attachments and speed and power settings, the Recovapro is the perfect device to ease those stiff and aching muscles and improve mobility like never before.

What are others saying about the Recovapro massage gun?

Still not sure if the Recovapro massage gun is right for your father this Father’s Day? Just see what other happy customers have to say.

“Just like having your own physio.”Chris Dolphin

“The Aston Martin of massage guns!”Graeme Henry

“It’s a cliché, but prevention is better than cure.”Alan Coady