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March 06, 2021 3 min read

One thing is certain in this world is UNCERTAINTY! At one time, people can find a cure to any known diseases but with just one stroke of fate, we seem to be stuck at one corner, as we witness people from around the globe got infected, suffered, and died from the then yet to be known virus. We can’t do anything unless we knew it was coming and prepared for its pounding. So desperate as we are, we’re racing with time, rushing to find and develop the antidote, which could only be effective after years of trial and error. But now, we’re taking risks with finds that aren’t proven. All these are proofs of life’s uncertainty, and while things remain outside our control, we’ll need to cope and fight back the unknown.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated uncertainty for almost all aspects of human existence, especially in terms of economic and health. But as humans, we seek security, safety, and a sense of control over everything that affects our lives. Fear and uncertainty can drain every bit of what we have, emotionally and physically until we finally feel trapped thinking about what tomorrow awaits us. We’re all different in terms of tolerance. One may be used to taking risks with high unpredictability, while another finds uncertainty too distressing. One thing is important to know - that many of us are in the same situation, and we realized that most especially now with this ongoing pandemic. And no matter how hard life throws things at us, we learn to cope and there are things we can do to fight the stress of uncertainty.

Tips to deal with life’s uncertainty amidst the pandemic:

Tip #1: Acknowledge Uncertainty

In reality, people have already adapted to the unknown and can cope with the uncertainty of everyday life. When we cross a street, we understand the danger we’re facing but we take the risk because we want to move on, thinking that the traffic light will control the flow of the vehicles, while also being aware that accidents may happen. It’s good to embrace uncertainty, but we also prefer to hold on to something we could trust not for certainty but our security. The COVID-19 pandemic is continually testing our limits. We look for a solution and take the risks, but we’ve accepted the uncertainty of our actions.

Tip #2: Control What is Controllable

We may be feeling overwhelmed by the occurrence and persistence of the Coronavirus, but there are things we can do to fight back, at least up to the limit of our capabilities. We can boost our immune system with a healthy lifestyle, looking after our nutrition with food and drinks that we consume, and our physical strength by having regular checks on our activities. We’ve been continuously reminded of the current health protocols to prevent the spread of the virus, including the social distancing and provisions for use of a face mask and face shield. Most importantly, we are advised to stay at home and go out only for the essential circumstances.

Tip #3: Think of the moment and worry about the future as it comes

Don’t anticipate things that are happening in the future because that would cause you the stress and anxiety of uncertainty. One effective way to avoid worrying about the future is to focus on the present. The health sectors are still in the quest for a cure, and we leave it at that for now. We don’t expect things to come up in a snap as this would keep us disconnected from the present. Live life as it goes without thinking of tomorrow. This is, at least, just for now.

The Takeaway:  

We’re on this together! We never knew it was coming, but we’re able to deal with it. As time goes by, we’re adapting to the so-called new normal and embracing the uncertainty. We stay in focus. It may be overwhelming at first, but it will surely keep us connected.