Unlock Your Full Potential with Recovapro Lite


November 23, 2022 2 min read

Everyone is familiar with how sleep deprivation feels. You've had a few sleepless nights and are irritable. Your blood would boil if you spilt your coffee, and your significant other wouldn't dare say what they needed you to take care of.

Lack of sleep can result in poor dietary decisions, skipping workouts, mistakes at work, and severe attention loss. In addition, consistently being sleep deprived over time can cause various health concerns, such as digestive problems, skin problems, chronic stress, and much more.

Finding out why you can't sleep is the first step to improving your sleep. We have a remedy for you if your inability to sleep is caused by stress, pain, or discomfort.


Numerous factors could be to blame for sleepless nights. For example, many people miss valuable sleep due to illnesses, sleep-inducing prescription drugs, stress, anxiety, work or family obligations, pains, and other factors.

However, you should also be aware that there is an entirely drug-free method for enhancing sleep quality and duration, mainly if stress and soreness are your primary sleep inhibitors. So if you find that you toss and turn most (or all) of the time, you should check in with your doctor.

Percussive massage can reduce tension, ease pain, and instantly promote sleep. You'll be astounded by the changes in your sleep if you use it every night.


A soft tissue manipulation therapy is percussion massage. It combines the best aspects of massage therapy into a potent handheld gadget. Percussive massage tools apply pressure to your muscle fibres at a deep level, dissolving internal adhesions or muscle knots and boosting blood flow to sore spots.

Powered by up to 3,300 repetitions per minute (RPM) built in the 5-speed intensity levels and 60 pounds of force can be applied by massagers. Targeting all muscle regions is simple, with equipment with different massage attachments and ergonomic handles for a more fantastic sleep.

Wouldn't a gadget like that be loud, you might be asking. We understand your concern because it appears impossible to fit so much power into a tiny device without endangering your eardrums. However, the innovative technology of the Recovapro percussion therapy enables maximum pressure and force without any noise. The Recovapro percussive massage guns are all whisper-quiet and will help you fall asleep by relieving stress and body aches before bed.


To help you sleep better, we advise using the Recovapro for up to 120 minutes on each muscle group you want to target. Try utilizing the lesser settings if all you want is to sleep better. It's terrific for post-workout recovery or pre-workout mobilization, although slower speeds with less impact may feel more calming than faster rates with more impact.

The Recovapro percussion system can be included in any aspect of your nighttime ritual. For example, when you've already finished brushing your teeth and putting on your pyjamas, the best moment to utilize it is before you climb into bed. In this manner, some self-care will be the last thing you do before falling asleep.