Unlock Your Full Potential with Recovapro Lite


June 18, 2022 2 min read

Blood circulation is an essential biological function because it ensures that the body's vital organs receive adequate oxygen and nutrients to function. Unfortunately, many people undervalue the importance of good blood flow and make lifestyle choices that obstruct it, such as smoking, failing to treat blood clots, and stopping to exercise consistently. If left untreated, poor blood circulation can cause injury to the heart, kidneys, and brain, and it can even be fatal.


Fortunately, Recovapro has developed with innovative products that can improve blood flow and keep your blood healthy.

1. Recovapro Massage Guns

    Deep tissue massage using Recovapro massage guns boost blood flow and stimulates nerve receptors that cause blood vessels to open up. The lymphatic system is also activated to remove waste products from the body's tissues. If you're feeling tight, point the gun at the muscle and glide it over it to allow blood flow to assist in loosening up the tension in the muscle.

    2. RecovaBall

    The RecovaBall not only stimulates your muscles, reduces tension, and eases pain, but can also increase circulation. So if you often get sore feet, place it under a foot, apply pressure, and gently roll the ball forward and back across the sole. After application, you’ll get instant pain relief because of the massaging effect and enhanced circulation.

    3. Recovapro Air

      The newly released Recovapro Air compresses and pumps the leg, foot, ankle, and other areas of your body, improving circulation. Wrapped around your legs are plastic sleeves that are connected to a pump that inflates and deflates the sleeves. This gently provides pressure on the limbs to increase blood flow and avoid blood clots.


      Maintaining optimal health requires proper circulation. It ensures that blood and oxygen flow freely throughout the body, allowing all organs to operate normally. It promotes faster wound healing, keeps your mind sharp, keeps your heart healthy, and even gives your skin a natural flush. So, whenever you feel the desire to boost the blood flow to your limbs, PUMP IT UP WITH RECOVAPRO!!!